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About the Foundation


“Pride and passion in Canada’s transit heritage”


Mission Statement

Our focus is on celebrating transit heritage, and showing how various modes of transit and technology have influenced urban design and planning can come together to create effective integrated transportation solutions.

To be the voice and resource for Canada’s transit heritage by preserving and promoting transit history. The CTHF is dedicated to fostering partnerships, delivering value and inspiring innovation.


The Foundation

Where are Canada's historic transit artifacts? How is their future being secured? What can Canadians learn about the past and future of transit from them? The Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation wants to preserve the past - and provide for the future. This is an invitation for you and your organization to become a Member of this unique organization.

People understand more about the future of our environment by looking at a natural history museum. You understand what's happening to nations today by reading their history

Canada can understand and appreciate - more of the history of transit by knowing how this country's transit evolved, and the relationship of public transit to the growth of cities.

That's what the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation is about; reaching out to the public telling them about what transit has done and can do, showing that transit systems are part of our history and a part of what makes the country work. It should demonstrate that the decisions the public makes now would have impact for generations.


The people behind the scenes




Chris Prentice

Vice President

Gordon Nevison


Douglas Shields


Douglas Shields

Assistant Treasurer

Edward (Ted) Wickson

Strategic Advisor to the Board

Michael Roschlau

Past President

Peter Newgard


Peter Chatoff, Sandy Casey, Allen Dicion, Brian Kelly, Phil Lamont, Robert Lubinski, Paul Leger, Kevin Nicol, Richard Oldfield, Wally Young, Adam Zhelka



We're looking for a very different kind of member.

We want people who have dedicated a good part of themselves to transit:

Work carried on by the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation is entirely through the efforts of volunteers concerned about preserving, recording and sharing the rich heritage of public transit in Canada.


Bring us some history

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Do you have old transit advertising posters? An old uniform? Photos? The Foundation wants to hear about them.

Right now, there are no short-term plans for a formal museum. The Foundation is taking inventory of existing collections, identifying items for future preservation and receiving items for future display. Plans are to develop a public access outreach program.

Another project: keeping an ongoing record of transit history through interviews with people who've been part of it. The Foundation has also produced a number of books and other items, including the Street Side Guide to Urban Transit Fleets in Canada.


Ongoing services, networking and more.

As a Member you'll receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter, the Bulletin, with information on Canadian transit history, memorabilia, museums, and people such as yourselves - dedicated to the preservation of our transit heritage. It's intriguing - and collectable.