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The Bulletin is the quarterly newsletter of the Foundation that is sent to all members of the foundation. Now in its 22nd year of publication, the Bulletin is generally 24 to 30 pages long. It is digitally printed, usually in black and white only but with some exceptions.

It is published in February, May, August and November each year.

Some of our regular items include:

Submissions are always welcome from members. Photographs may be submitted in electronic format (preferably "JPG") or in print form. The Foundation takes no responsibility for photographs that may be lost or damaged in transit. Contact the Editor for more information.


Preview of Past Issues of Bulletin

Volume 16 Number 1

(May 2008)

  • A look at transit around Manitoba
  • OTE 2008 update
  • CTHF 2007 Financial Report
  • Western transit heritage
  • TTC's Class A-8 PCC street cars
  • Equipment notes from across the country
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Volume 15 Number 4 (February 2008)
  • A special "On the Move" Edition
  • A farewell to Timmins and Northern Ontario
  • A First Look at Regina Transit
  • Photos from across the country
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Volume 15 Number 3 (November 2007)
  • A history of Christmas buses in London, Ontario
  • More Holiday Ho ho Ho buses
  • A rare find in Timmins
  • A school of Fishbowls in B.C.
  • 155 years of service and 100 percent access in Thunder Bay
  • And much more!
Volume 15 Number 2 (August 2007)
  • Kingston Access Bus and GO transit marks 40 years of service
  • Metro Transit's new look in Halifax
  • Presto! ... a new fare idea for Toronto
  • Looking back at more form the history files
  • And much more!

Volume 15 Number 1

(May 2007)

  • Looking back - part 1
  • TTC PCC street cars
  • Buses from the 1970s 1980s and 1990s
  • Tails from the known and unknown???
  • Equipment news and photos from across the country
  • And much more!
Volume 14 Number 4 (February 2007)
  • Hybrid Orion VIIs in Toronto
  • St. Clair Avenue redesign opens
  • The Routemaster lives on in London
  • Photos from Canada and the U.S.
  • And much more!
Volume 14 Number 3 (November 2006)
  • Variety on the streets of Sudbury
  • "Vari�t�" in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • On the streets of Boston (Canadian-style)
  • A visit to the Seashore (Trolley Museum)
  • Transit around Québec
  • Holiday transit memories
  • And much more!
Volume 14 Number 2 (August 2006)
  • Vancouver transit milestone and celebrations
  • Toronto's Airport LINK opens
  • First air conditioned CLRV in Toronto
  • New style D40LFRs for Mississauga
  • 40-year-old transit buses in daily service
  • And much more!

Volume 14 Number 1

(May 2006)

  • A special magazine-style issue
  • Eight pages of colour photos
  • 2006 Ontario Transit Expo
  • New hoists at Timmins Transit
  • Selected equipment lists from 1978
  • CTHF 2006 Financial Statements
  • And much more!
Click here for a larger view
Volume 13 Number 4 (February 2006)
  • The restored Rosa Parks bus unveiled
  • New NovaBus LFS units arrive in Brampton
  • Have hybrid will travel - parts I and II
  • A visit to Barrie
  • A restored Prevost Citadin
  • And much more!
Volume 13 Number 3 (November 2005)
  • An all photo issue
  • Looking back at Canadian transit in pictures
  • "New Looks" in the Montréal area - Part 2
  • The Travller's Notebook - down south and down under
  • And many more photos from Canada and around the world
Volume 13 Number 2 (August 2005)
  • Viva and YRT from the York Region ... olé
  • Riding the rails on a 114-year old incline railway
  • "New Looks" in the Montréal area - Part 1
  • A look at Vancouver's newest trolley coach
  • Repatriating a historic bus across the pond

Volume 13 Number 1

(May 2005)

  • More Toronto PCC street cars from the 1970s and 80s
  • Photos from Timmins, london, Peterborough and more
  • 2005 Financial Statements for the Foundation
  • 2005 Ontario Transportation Expo - a review
  • First look at the new Viva buses
  • Plus news, news, news and much more
Volume 12 Number 4 (February 2005)
  • Looking BACK ... Photos of Toronto PCC street cars from 1979 to 1989 - Part 1
  • The 2002/04 Street Side Guide to Urban Transit Fleets in Canada
  • Toronto subway buttons
  • RML Routemasters come to Canada
  • Making GO Transit a better transportation choice
  • The Traveler's notebook
  • TTC "New Looks" - updated renumbering list
Bulletin_v12n4.jpg - 44963 Bytes
Volume 12 Number 3 (November 2004)
  • Transit funding in Ontario
  • "Riding the Bus With My Sister"
  • DaimlerChrysler in North Carolina
  • NovaBus LFS demo bus in Timmins
  • First GM hybrid buses for Canada
  • Ho Ho ho buses
  • GO Transit and York Univeristy celebrate millionth rider
Bulletin_v12n3.jpg - 43974 Bytes
Volume 12 Number 2 (August 2004)
  • Classic 1940s Flxible Clipper in Muskoka
  • Canadian and other treats in the Midwest U.S.
  • Buses from around Ontario - a photogrpahic review
  • 50th anniversary of the Routemaster
  • A look inside Shania Twain's private coach
  • GO Tranist GM buses and early Orions at GO
  • AMT says don't miss the train in Montreal
Bulletin_v12n2.jpg - 42140 Bytes

Volume 12 Number 1

(May 2004)

  • The Toronto subway marks a half a century of service
  • $150-million transit expansion for York Region
  • Having good days, bad days and better days in transit
  • Photographic round-up of new buses around town
  • Three generations behind the wheel in Oshawa
  • Loads of subway trivia from Toronto
  • Transit celebrates Earth Day
Bulletin_v12n2.jpg - 42140 Bytes