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CTHF and CUTA Canada 150 Campaign


One of the key initiatives of our Strategic Plan was a significant involvement by the Foundation in the Canada 150 celebration, with recognition of the important role of public transit in Canada’s growth and development. To support this initiative, Michael Roschlau, Strategic Advisor to the CTHF Board, and Chris Prentice, CTHF President, have led a process of developing generic creative that can be used by Canadian transit systems in a number of potential formats.

We are pleased to announce that this initiative has now come to fruition as further described in the following Special Notice that was issued by Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) to its members on May 31.

. . . . . . . . . .

CUTA and the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation are delighted to present final artwork for the Canada 150 transit campaign. This initiative is designed to highlight the contribution public transit has made to the evolution of Canadian communities since Confederation in 1867. Much thought has gone into the design and positioning of the creative elements, with the goal of making them simple yet meaningful. All elements are presented in generic form with images that could easily be recognizable in most Canadian cities, with the option of customizing them with your own images, if desired. There is also a space to add your transit system’s logo and web site reference, as indicated on the artwork.

Creatives are presented in a variety of horizontal and vertical formats, and are intended for internal (car card) and external (king board, tail) vehicle and shelter poster use, as well as poster boards for inside buses or other areas. 

There are two sets of campaign materials:

The six colours chosen as backgrounds for these designs are significant, as they are taken from the petals of the colour version of the official Canada 150 logo. Thanks to IBI Group for generously sponsoring and developing the creative for this campaign. 

. . . . . . . .

CTHF will obtain significant recognition as a result of this project with the transit systems and the public as a result of the CTHF logo appearing on all creative formats that are to be used.

Depicted below are artwork images showing the interior poster, which has six different versions in each of English and French, and the full size transit shelter poster in each of English and French. Links to the pdf files have also been provided.

. . . . . . . .

Interior Posters



Shelter Posters

Interior Posters pdf files available through this link.

Shelter Posters pdf file available through this link.

. . . . . . . .

Chris Prentice

President – Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation




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