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Vehicles owned by the Foundation


CTHF-LG1.JPG - 45188 Bytes The Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation's mission is to preserve the history and heritage of the Canadian Transit Industry, and to encourage the cooperation, knowledge and involvement of all parties to achieve this goal.

Among the items received by the Foundation through donation are a number of transit buses as noted below.

The future of any of these vehicles is not necessarily secure. Funds will have to be raised and invested to restore these vehicles and keep them in road worthy condition. Your comments or ideas about their future are most welcome. Please contact us at the Foundation.

Fleet #
Year Built/Builder/Model

Metrobus275a.jpg - 22962 Bytes


Timmins67a.jpg - 24914 Bytes

1977 General Motors Canada T6H-4523N
The bus is a General Motors GMC-T6H-4523N model built in 1977. It is generally in good condition, however some structural repairs are now required. The smaller view shows it as it appears today. 275 was acquired from Metrobus in St. John's, Newfoundland and was leased thereafter to York Region Transit and Timmins Transit prior to being placed in storage in Timmins.


Vehicles previously owned by the Foundation

Fleet #
Year Built/Builder/Model
Oakville724a.jpg - 19014 Bytes
1972 General Motors Canada T6H-5306N
724 was one of the first 10 buses acquired by the Town of Oakville in 1972. It is currently stored in Oakville, Ontario. Its historical value is that it is a rare GMC-T6H-5306 model.
TTC8257a.jpg - 24503 Bytes
1962 General Motors Canada TDH-5301
Commission de Transport de la communauté urbaine de Québec 6120, was built in 1961. It is in poor condition at present. Its historical value is that it was one of the first buses built by General Motors in Canada. 6120 was recently disposed of by OC Transpo.
TTC8257a.jpg - 24503 Bytes
1978 Flyer Industries D800B
8257 is an ex TTC Flyer D800B bus built in 1978. Was stored in Timmins for many years. Was to be rebuilt by New Flyer Industries, however due to frame deterioration over the years. This was deemed unfeasible and the bus was subsequently scrapped.

* All photos except CTCUQ 6120 taken by David Onodera.