BC Electric Streetcar 153 was manufactured by the John Stephenson Company in New Jersey in 1908.  It would go on to serve the North Vancouver Streetcar network for nearly 40 years, retiring in 1946.  After it was decommissioned, it found it’s way to the Chilliwack area, where it would serve many years as a bunkhouse.  In 1982, the streetcar was found, retrieved and stored for 4 years up until 1986. At the time, North Vancouver retook possession of the streetcar, where they moved it to Mahon Park.  Over the years restoration work was made to the streetcar.


Ongoing Preservation

With the ongoing preservation work being done on BC Electric 153, the plan is to ultimately relocate it to the New North Vancouver Museum & Archives building, situated near Lonsdale Quay.


Photos of BC Electric 153

BCER 153 Dick Rumbolz Lincoln NE

BC Electric streetcar 153 operating on the Lonsdale route. Photo by Dick Rumbolz, Date unknown.

153 BC Transit

BCER 153 pictured here in May 1965 at Ryder Lake in Chilliwack. Photographer unknown. Rob Chew collection.

More recent photos taken of BCER 153, in the 2019 North Vancouver Canada Day parade! Photos taken by Rob Chew.


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