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Issue #110


The Cover Story:

In our second part of the Canadian Car & Foundry retrospective we look at the trolley coach building era.  CC&F bought the rights to build the Brill design from ACF Motors Ltd. in the U.S.  The type found favour with a total of 15 Canadian operators and was a success in terms of sales and longevity.  With the help several fans with cameras, (including the late Peter Cox) the Bulletin looks back at an important era in Canadian bus manufacturing.

Note on Colour Pages

In the November 2020 issue of the Bulletin, Issue 110, pages 11-13 are a photo gallery of trolley coaches built by Canadian Car & Foundry (CC&F Brill) and page 14 contains exterior and interior photos of restored Windsor streetcar 351.

These four photo pages were intended to be in colour but were inadvertently printed in black and white and we apologize for this error. We intend to include these four colour pages with the mailing of the next Bulletin issue, number 111, which you will be able to insert to replace the black and white pages. For now, they are also available here.

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