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Issue #119

The Cover Photo:

It is July of 1967 and Expo Express train 1 is heading north as it approaches the Pont des Îles (Bridge of the Isles) on its way towards the Place d’Acceuil terminus.  Although the Expo Express was needed to provide a vital transportation link throughout the fair grounds, its above ground routing and oversized windows also provided to be a choice location and passengers routinely sat on the front still as shown here.  Although a car operator is visible, he too is basically a passenger as the train operation is fully automated, leaving him to open and close the doors at station stops.  The view looks south across Île Notre-Dame with the circular France pavilion prominently visible in the background.  This building is one of the few original structures to have survived to this day and has been repurposed as the Montreal Casino.

Photo: Tom Sheppard