Tires and Wires - The story of electric trolley coaches in Canada


Tires and Wires is a comprehensive history of electric trolley coach operations in sixteen Canadian cities. Starting with some early dabbling in the embryonic technology of a rubber-tired electric bus, transit operators of the 1930s and 1940s turned to these quiet, powerful and efficient vehicles to replace their worn-out streetcar systems.

Tires and Wires is published jointly by Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation and Railfare*DC Books, which has produced many high quality historical Canadian railway and transit system publications. The author, Tom Schwarzkopf, is co-author of Edmonton’s Electric Transit and Calgary’s Electric Transit, as well as other rail and transit publications.


Here are the highlights:

-272 pages, more than 200 excellent photos and illustrations (many in colour), and 17 maps

-A chapter for each city’s system, including wire maps and route maps

-Complete system equipment rosters, with vehicle specifications and illustrations

-A description of all nine trolley coach manufacturers


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You're sure to find this book a welcome addition to your transit library.

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