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Windsor Streetcar #351 Restoration

Back in December of 2019 old Windsor streetcar #351 was restored to its former glory. Around $750,000 was spent on rebuilding the exterior and interior of the old streetcar to its 1926 look. Cars #351-354 were purchased by the Sandwich, Windsor, and Amherstburg Railway in 1926 from the Public Service of New Jersey, who switched to buses. They were equipped with smoking compartments and were placed in suburban service. The streetcar was donated back to the city in 2017, and had since been restored for static display. Check out the video and photos below.

Click on the photos below for a better look:

Pat Delmore, Exec Director of Transit Windsor.

Bernie Drouillard who found the streetcar and helped with its restoration.

The Sandwich, Windsor and Amherstburg Railway logo.

Inside S.W.&A. Railway streetcar #351.

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